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05 January 2012 @ 06:23 pm

But I am still alive though! I hope everyone had great holidays and wish everyone a happy 2012 :)

As for me, I'm doing fine! I lovelove my new university and I have discovered a love for Shakespeare. Even went to see a play by the Cambridge University and it was sooooo good!

. I'll try to post here more often, too!  Now I'm gonna eat some pizza and then browse my friendspages to see how y'all are doing.


ETA: OK I had so much to catch up I gave up half way. This means I'll be doing a friendcut soon for real. mostly people who have never commented or who I don't feel a real click with. I just don't have time to keep up with everyone, but some of you are so awesome. actually I don't really feel like updating lj half the time but I'll stay on LJ for those awesomesies and some communties I'm in anyway. so I'll try to update now and then and comment now and then. I'LL TRY. </deja vu>

fred2303fred2303 on January 5th, 2012 07:58 pm (UTC)
I missed you! *hugs* Pleeeeeease don't cut me! *puppy eye look*
angiefaithangiefaith on January 5th, 2012 09:18 pm (UTC)
no! you're definitely one of the awesomesies :D
fred2303: Gossip Girlfred2303 on January 6th, 2012 12:39 pm (UTC)
Yay! Thanks! *hugs* You are awesome, too, that's why I want to stay on your f-list.
angiefaith: Firefly || Simon cuteangiefaith on January 6th, 2012 02:15 pm (UTC)
awww <3333333